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Jefferson in Office

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Election of 1800
Thomas Jefferson vs John Adams vs Aaron Bur, Tie between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson which went to the House of Representatives. Jefferson won the presidency
John Marshall
A federalist appointed by president John Adams as chief justice of the supreme court; ruled on many cases that would give the federal government more power over time
Marbury vs. Madison
Madison was ordered to not deliver commissions to those federalist judges whom Adam had appointed in his last days as president
Barbary pirates
Plundering pirates off the Mediterranean coast of Africa; President Thomas Jefferson's refusal to pay them tribute to protect American ships sparked an undeclared naval war with North African nations
forced service, especially in a navy or other armed force
Chesapeake - Leopard affair
British warship "leopard" fired on US warship "Chesapeake"
Embargo Act
act prohibiting trade with foreign nations; devastated New England colonies because trade stopped and ships rotted
Judiciary Act of 1801
a law that increased the number of federal judges, allowing President John Adams to fill most of the new posts with Federalists. Republicans argued packing the courts with Federalist judges was unfair
Judiciary Act of 1789
legislation passed by congress that created the federal court system established a supreme court and district courts
Marshall court
Midnight appointment of John Adams Chief justice
McCulloch vs. Maryland
The 1819 case in which the principle of Elastic Clause was established. Elastic Clause gave Congress the right to make laws necessary to carry out its other powers.
Domestic affairs during Jeffersons time in office
Sedition and naturalization laws allowed to lapse
Louisiana Purchase
Napoleon sold Louisiana territory for $15 million, hurt British
Napoleonic wars
Britain and France renewed fighting
American reaction to impressment
Nonimportation agreement (against Britain)
War Hawks
people who urged war with Britain
Congressional division
North= relied on trade with Britain; opposed the war (except in Pennsylvania- loved Jeffersonianism)
Jefferson privately referred to his election as the... & explain why
Revolution of 1800 & because GW & Adams acted too much like royalty) aka round table
Limit the scope of federal power & paying off gov. debts
Jefferson was a strong believer in small government - name something he did upon taking office.
Define Midnight Judges
Pres. Adams appointed Federalist judges (last minute-midnight on last day in office)
Judges could only be removed for criminal behavior & not because congress disagreed to their decisions
The impeachment of Justice Chase established the grounds in which a judge could be removed - explain.
Chief Justice of supreme court (34 years)
Explain the role of John Marshall when Jefferson was in office
Federalist judge
Explain the role of William Marbury when Jefferson was in office
$11.25 million + 3.75 million in debts = $15 million
How much money did the US pay for the Louisiana Purchase?
Meriwether Lewis
Jefferson chose his private secretary to lead the expedition - name him
Corps of Discovery
Provide the name/title given to the expedition
The Great Plains & the Rocky Mountains
Pike's expedition (1805) gave Americans their 1st detailed of what two things?
What was Pike's 1st name?
Define Impressment
A legalized form of kidnapping that forced people in military service
Define Embargo
A gov. ban on trade w/ other countries