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Europe After the Fall of Rome

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400s AD
when the Western Roman Empire fell.
groups from the north and east
people who moved into Roman lands as the Empire fell
leaders from invading groups
set up their own kingdoms.
The Middle Ages
The period of time that began with the creation of kingdoms in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.
500 - 1500 AD
The approximate time period of the Middle Ages
The Medieval Period
another name for the Middle Ages
Italy and Spain
Areas where Christianity was common at the beginning of the Middle Ages.
Missionaries and Monks
These two different kinds of religious men helped spread Christianity
The Pope
The most powerful force that helped spread Christianity into northern Europe.
a religious man who lived apart from society in an isolated community of other monks
a community of monks
religious men who were sent into northern Europe by the pope to teach people about Christianity
Saint Patrick
the monk who helped convert the Irish to Christianity
to change from one belief system to another
health care and aid
services performed by monks for the poor
running schools, copying books, collecting manuscripts
services performed by monks for education
scribing and advising
services performed by monks for rulers
an Italian monk who created a set of rules for monks
Benedictine Rule
the code followed by Benedictine monks
Benedictine Order
the largest group of monks in the early Middle Ages
remote locations
out-of-the-way places where many monasteries were built
the Frankish leader who conquered the former Roman province of Gaul and converted to Christianity
Frankish ruler in the 700s who expanded power over France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and northern Spain
Pope Leo III
crowned Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans in 800 AD
founded across Europe by Charlemagne, an admirer of education
Magyars, Muslims, Vikings
invaders who attacked Europe during Charlemagne's rule
The group that attacked from Western Europe and destroyed the last threads of Charlemagne's empire in the late 700s
Viking ships
allowed Vikings to attack villages further inland from the coast since they could sail along rivers