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Alien & Sedition Acts

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Two bills were passed quickly by Adams
What did the Federalists do in anger of the XYZ Affair?
Foreigners living in the US
Who were the Alien Acts aimed at?
Why did Federalists resent new immigrants?
Many favored the Republicans when they became citizens
What were the laws included in the Alien Acts?
1. Increased the time an immigrant had to live in the US before becoming a citizen
To silent Republican criticism of the government
What was the purpose of the Sedition Act?
What did the Sedition Act enforce?
Made it illegal to criticize the President or government leaders
Fined or even jailed
What was the consequence of not following the Sedition Act?
What did the acts create in the public?
They created public opinion to turn against the Federalists
What did the Republicans think of the laws?
They thought the laws were unconstitutional and that the laws violated the First Amendment
Freedom of speech and press
What does the First Amendment guarantee?
What did American citizens believe?
The acts were unconstitutional, so many turned against the Federalist side
When did the Federalist Era end?
When Thomas Jefferson was elected President
A person who comes from a foreign country.
Order out of the country
A speech or action which stirs up people against the government
A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country
Act one: Naturalization Act
The law that increases time it takes to become a US citizen
Act two: Alien Act
The law that gave the president power to deport any foreigner considered dangerous
Act three: Alien Enemies Act
The law that allowed the government to deport and arrest all citizens of foreign nations at war with the US
Act four: Sedition Act
The law that made it a crime to speak or write critically about the government
Define Inauguration
the ceremony of the oath of office