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Wilsonian Progressivism at Home & Abroad

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Woodrow Wilson
28th president of the United States, known for World War I leadership, created Federal Reserve, Federal Trade Commission, Clayton Antitrust Act, progressive income tax, lower tariffs, women's suffrage (reluctantly), Treaty of Versailles, sought 14 po…
stronger antritrust laws ,banking reform,and tariff reductions
wha did the Democrats strong progressive platform call for ?
Theodore Roosevelt
who ran against the election as a 3rd part candidate?
New Nationalism
The political plan put together by Theodore Roosevelt which called for business regulation, welfare laws, workplace protection for women and children, income and inheritance taxes, and voting reform.
New Freedom
Widrow Wilson's platform in the election of 1912 was what?
Roosevelt's New Nationalism campaigned for what ?
stronger control of trusts,woman suffrage,and programs of social welfare .
Wilson's New freedom favored what?
small enterprises,entrepreneurship,and the free functioning of unregulated and unmonopolized markets
what was the result of the election of 1912?
Taft and Roosevelt split the Republican party giving Woodrow Wilson the presidency
The triple wall of privilege
what was the President Wilson's war against the tarriff,the banks,and the trusts known as ?
Underwood Tariff Bill
what bill did Widrow Wilson convince congress to pass that signigicantly reduced the tariff rates?
The graduated income Tax
Under the authority of the 16th amendment Congress enacted what tax?
Federal Reserve Act
2 restructured America's banking and currency system to diminish the power of large private banks
The Federal Resolve Board
what board ,appointed by the president,oversaw a nationwide system of 12 regional federal reserve banks?
Federal Resolve Notes
what paper money was the Federal Resolve Board empowered to issue ?
Federal Trade Comission Act of 1914
what law authorized a presidentially-appointed commission to oversee industries engaged in interstate commerce?
The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914
what Act lengthened the Sherman Act's list of buisness practices that were deemed objectionable and sought to exempt labor and agricultural organizations from antitrust prosecution?
Samuel Gompers
president of the AFL who railed against black and Asian workers
The Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916
what act made loans available to farmers at low rates of interest?
The Warehouse Act of 1916
what act authorized loans on the security of staple crops?
La Follette Seamen's Act of 1915
what act benefited sailors by requiring decent treatment and a living wage on American Ships?
Workingmen's compensation Act of 1916
President Wilson gave assistance to Federal Civil-service employees during periods of disability with what act?
The Adamson Act of 1916
what act established a 8-hour work day for all employees on trains in interstate commerce?
Louis D.Brandeis
who was the first jew to be a supreme court Justice?
Panama Canal Tolls Act of 1912
In 1914 President Wilson persuaded congress to repeal what act which had exempted American coastal shipping from tolls?
Jones Act
what act was signed by President Wilson in 1916 which granted the Phillipines territorial status and promised independence as soon as a stable government could be established?
General Victoriano Huerta
In 1913 the Mexican Revolution took an ugly turn when the president was murdered and replaced by who?
Argentina,Brazil,and Chile
when war seemed imminent between Mexico and the U.S. what three countries intervened and pressured Huerta to step down?
Francisco Villa
who was a rival to the Presient Carranze and attempted to provoke a war between Mexico and the U.S. by killing Americans?
In 1914 WWI was sparked due to what occurence?
The heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary was murdered by a Serb Patriot.
Germany,Austria-Hungary,Turkey,and Bulgaria
who did the central powers of WWI consist of ?
France,Britain,Russia,Japan,and Italy
who did the Allies of WWI consist of ?
Neutriality Proclamation
President Wilson issued what at the outbreak of WWI?
Kasier Wilhelm II
who was the leader of Germany at the time of WWI and seemed the embodiment of arrogant autocracy?
The Brittish Liner Lusitania
In 1915 one of Germany's submarines sank what liner killing 128 Americans ?
The Arabic in 1915 and the Sussex
what other ocean liners did Germany sink ?
the sussex pledge
what was the promise that Germany made to America, after Wilson threatened to sever ties, to stop sinking their ships without warning?
Charles Evans Hughes
who did the Repbulicans choose for the election of 1916?
what did the Republican Platform condemn?
the Democratic tarriff,assaults on the trusts,and Wilson's dealings with Mexico and Germany