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Jefferson Strengthens the Nation

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A government ban on trade with other countries.
an area that was not yet a state
forced service, especially in a navy or other armed force
A book with blank pages that you write in everyday about what happened in your day.
outlawed slavery
One of the rules the Northwest Ordinance set up
Tecumseh had a plan to
push back the white settlers
New Orleans was important to the United States because
it was a link to markets in the East and Europe
One purpose of Lewis and Clark's expedition was to
find a route through the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean
The War of 1812 did these three concepts
it proved the US could defend itself, it did not change relations between Britain and the United States, the United States made no new treaties with Britain
1 The Louisiana Territory remained a possession of France
Explain what you think might have happened to the Louisiana Territory if President Jefferson had decided he did not have the constitutional right to buy it?