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Federal Government Passes Taxes

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The military success of the Ottomans was largely based in the use of _______
Portugal, Spain, Dutch Republic, England and France
created trading posts and maritime empires with a global mind
Nation States
political state with a fixed border and organized system of government
Art and Architecture
Examples of a cultures abilities and techniques
Ottoman Empire
Who was Greece controlled by?
Bureaucratic Elite
organizers and managers of government and public works
Civil Servant
a person that works a job based on the betterment of an entire society
Political and Administrative Centralization
Lead to higher degrees of state organization
Bureaucratic Elites
Chinese Mandarins, Japanese Samurai, Russian Table of Ranks and Ottoman Devshirme
Land Empire
Expansion across land
Zheng He
Chinese explorer of the Indian ocean
Mediterranean Trade
Gained awareness of cultures of the middle east and Europe
The Crusades
Conflict between Christianity and Islam over holy lands in modern day Israel. Resulted in cultural diffusion and establishment of first banking systems.
Marco Polo
European maritime explorer
Silk Road
Connection trade route between Asia and Europe. Silks, spices, porcelain and other technologies were traded.
Made maritime travel possible
Astrolabe, Compass and Sternpost Rudder
Lateen Sail
Allowed ships to sail into the wind.
Galleons and Gunships
Designed to protect investments in a global market.
Prince Henry the Navigator
Portuguese navigator that opened a sea route to Asia around Africa in 1498.
Bartholomeu Diaz
Explored the Southern Tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope
Vasco De Gama
First European to reach the Indian Ocean, 1497
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Supported the Italian Christopher Columbus on his search for a short cut to India
Line of Demarcation
Papal declaration that split the new world between Spain and Portugal, think Brazil and Mexico
Ferdinand Magellan
sailed from Spain in 1515
Zanzibar, Muscat and Melaka
Outposts seized by the Spanish as they explored.
Generals which brought huge sections of North and South America under European control
Hernan Cortez
waged war against the Aztecs and claimed the capital of Tenochtitlan, became head quarters for New Spain
Horses and Gunpowder
Introduced to the Americas by the Spanish
Smallpox and measles
killed indigenous people in massive numbers
Francisco Pizarro
New World conqueror; Spanish conqueror who crushed the Inca civilization in Peru; took gold, silver and enslaved the Incas in 1532.
God, Gold and Glory
Conquistador Cortez's famous declaration about the Americas
Sugarcane, Silver and Gold
Resources gained in trade from the Americas
Encomienda System
Monarchs gave land grants and Native American slaves to religious Spaniards. The "Indians" worked and gave profits to their Spanish masters.
Atlantic Slave Trade
Three pronged trading system which connected Europe to Africa, Africa to the Americas and the America's with Europe.
Middle Passage
the stage of the triangular trade in which millions of people from Africa were shipped to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade. Ships departed Europe for Africa to get slaves, …