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Articles of Confederation

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No strong leadership from government.
What was the problem with not having a chief executive?
It was very difficult to pass laws.
What was wrong with having to have the approval of nine out of thirteen states to pass a law?
The federal government did not have the money necessary to do its job.
The national government couldn't tax people or collect money from the states without their permission. Why was this a problem?
We had no way to defend ourselves from an attack.
The national government could not raise an army. Why would this be an issue?
There was no way to peacefully settle disputes between states.
Why was the lack of a national court system a problem?
It was almost impossible to make needed changes to the government.
All thirteen states had to approve amendments (changes) to the Articles of Confederation. Why would this cause problems?
What was the Northwest Ordinance?
One of the few successful things accomplished under the Articles of Confederation, it established the requirement for becoming a state in the Northwest Territory. It required a population of 60,000 people, a written constitution…
Articles of Confederation
This document was the first form of government for the United States. It set up a confederation and the federal government had very little power. All the power was in the hands of the states.