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Manifest Destiny & Settling the West

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What is a territory?
a large region of land
Define annex.
to add or incorporate (a new territory) into a country
What is an acquisition?
something that is gained or acquired
What is a boundary?
the geographic line between two places, such as two countries
What is the meaning of cede?
to give up territory, usually as a result of a treaty
Define expedition.
a group of people sent to explore unknown places
Define Manifest Destiny.
an American belief in the 1800s that it was the natural right of the United States to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
What is a reservation?
an area of land set aside by the United States government for American Indians to live on
How did the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 impact the American Indians?
Many starved, froze to death, or died from diseases on the brutal trip west.
How did the territory acquired in 1783 later impact the American Indians in 1838?
American Indians living in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama were forced from their homelands in the south and onto reservations in Oklahoma. This became known as the Trail of Tears.
How did the acquisition of Florida impact the American Indians?
The U.S. government ordered the Seminoles to leave Florida, but many refused. The tribe fought a war against the U.S. before most of its members were either killed or forced to move west.
How did the acquisition of Oregon Country impact the American Indians?
By 1850, Congress was giving away tribal lands to American settlers. The settlers took American Indian hunting lands and turned them into farms and ranches. War broke out between the American Indians, settlers, and …
How did the acquisition of the Gadsden Purchase impact the American Indians?
Newcomers to the Gadsden Purchase took the tribal lands of the American Indians. American Indians were offered the poorest jobs. The new settlers fought many wars against the Apaches and other tribes and forced them onto reservations.
How did the U.S. acquire new territory in 1783?
After the American Revolution ended in 1783, Great Britain gave the United States control of the original 13 colonies along the Atlantic Coast, plus the rest of this territory, which extended to the Mississippi River.
How did the U.S. acquire the Louisiana Territory?
In a single agreement with France, the United States purchased most of the land reaching from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains for $15 million.
How did the U.S. acquire Florida?
keep the United States from taking over the territory. In 1819, Spain agreed to give Florida to the United States. In return, the United States settled Georgia paid $5 million to the settlers for sl…
How did the U.S. acquire Texas?
became known as the Lone Star Republic.
How did the U.S. acquire Oregon Country?
In 1846, Great Britain agreed to a boundary drawn at latitude 49° north that went from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The British gave up any claims to land south of this line.
How did the U.S. acquire the territory known as the Mexican Cession?
The United States fought a war with Mexico and won. In 1848, Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ceding territory to the United States. The United States paid Mexico $15 million for this land.
How did the U.S. acquire the Gadsden Purchase?
In 1853, the United States bought the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico for $10 million.