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Trouble On the Frontier

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French & Indian War
war fought by the British against the French and their Native American allies in North America.
seven years war
another name for the french and indian war
Fort Duquesne
He was long seen as important for controlling the Ohio Country, both for settlement and for trade. Englishman William Trent had established a highly successful trading post at the forks as early as the 17…
Fort Necessity
Washington feared retaliation, so he made his men fortify their position. Attacked by the French and the Indians
George Washington
Unanimously chosen to be the leader of the Continental Army
When two people or countries decide that they will be friends and will defend each other.
Join or Die
Famous cartoon drawn by Ben Franklin which encouraged the colonies to join in fighting the French during the French and Indian War, The image was later used in the American Revolution.
Albany Plan of Union
1754 Congress for seven colonies, plan developed by Benjamin Franklin provided an intercolonial government and a system for recruiting troops and collecting taxes, common defense, never took effect, set precedent soon
Edward Braddock
A British Major General, he was killed at the Battle of Monongahela.
the location of the first significant British victory of the Seven Years War. This French fort on Cape Breton Island was captured by British colonists.
General Montcalm
French General in Seven Years War - died after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham outside the city of Quebec.
General Wolfe
commander of a British fleet sailed to Quebec and defeated French troops that were defending the city. The British seized Quebec and took control of New France.
William Pitt
(1708-1778), Prime Minister of Great Britain 1766-1768; often known as _______ the Elder
To give up or transfer, especially by treaty or formal agreement.