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Building the State

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A political party formed in 1891 mostly by farmers & members of labor unions who demanded government help with falling farm prices, regulation of railroad rates, and the free coinage of silver.
Ranchers used _______ to mark the cattle.
The _______ industry in Nebrask began after ranchers discovered prairie grasses were healthy for cattle.
Barbed wire
Two inventions that changed the way people lived in Nebraska
The capital city stayed in _______ Nebraska because the West was too unsettled, the western land was too dry to grow crops, and Indian warriors raided settlements in the West.
Cattle Trade
Road ranchers had a few cattle to trade;
Orphan Trains
People needed large familes to take care of farms and ranches;
Reclamation Act
Government gave farmers money for irrigation projects and for growing new crops
The Grange
Originally a social organization between farmers, it developed into a political movement for government ownership of railroads.
Trans-Mississippi Exposition (World's Fair)
Gave Nebraska a chance to show off their state at the fair.
Chautauqua Movement
A get-together where people could come for several days in a row to listen, learn, and have a good time. Able to hear famous people give speeches.
Yankee Hill
Was considered as a possible spot for the state capital;
Timber-Claim Act
Person could claim 160 acres just by planting 10 acres with trees and taking care of them for 8 years.
Why Lancaster was chosen for the capital instead of Ashland or Yankee Hill
Ashand - committee was bitten by a lot of mosquitos; Committee didn't want the capital bothered by pests
How Minnie Freeman was a national hero
After the wind tore off the roof to the schoolhouse, she tied everyone together with a rope and led 13 students to a farm house in the winter during a blizzard.
How the range wars began
Ranchers were used to letting cattle run loose to graze and fine water;
Popularly elected executives
What wasn't a tradition of the colonial government?
Where did most German immigrants settle?
New England
In what region was state-established religion hardest to break down?
The reduction in the powers of the governor
What initiatve of the framers of state governments sprung most directly from the rejection of british government of the colonies?
John Dickinson
Who drafted the Articles of Confederation?
James Madison
father of the Constitution;4th President of the United States; member of the Continental Congress and rapporteur at the Constitutional Convention in 1776; helped frame the Bill of Rights (1751-1836)
In each case, 1 state vetoed the measure
2 major measures aimed to increase tariffs and taxation failed during the early years of the Confederatio because why?
They saw themselves as citizens of their states first and citizens of the nation second
What best encapsulates the attitute of the majority of Americans during the years of the Confederation?
The restrictions placed on trade with the British West Indies
What is often cited as evidence of the central government's weakness under the Articles of Confederation?
The Ordinance of 1785
What didn't contain important wording on slavery?
What statement about the American northwest during the years of the Confederation is correct?
The Indians resisted American efforts to "civilize" them and clung to their culture and land
The Creeks
What Indian tribe was prodded and supported by the Spanish in efforts to keep setlers from populating the southwest?
The British, the Spanish and the Indian tribes
What contested and broke the terms of the Treaty of Paris and other postwar agreements during the years of the Confederation?
In what year did economic depression strike the United States?
What is a major reason for the economic depression?
The Revolutionary War debt, British restrictions on trade in the West Indies, and Spanish restrictions on the use of the Mississippi River
Farmers and laborers
What groups did not begin to demand payment in specie after 1784 in Massachusetts?
Close county courthouses
The goal of Shays' Rebellion was to?
He was pardoned by the state legislature
What happened to Daniel Shays after Shays' rebellion was crushed?
To promote interstate commerce
What was the stated purpose the Annapolis Convention?
Disrespect for the poewr of the US government
What reason was most commonly cited for British measures to restrict American trade in the West Indies and British Isles?
Rhode Island
In 1644 Roger Williams was granted a charter from the English Parliaments that joined Providence and Portsmouth into a single colony. it offered religous freedom for all
The structure of the legislative branch
The debate over what important thing was the greatest obstacle to the drafing of the Constitution?
Large states
The Virginia Plan was seen as favoring to whom?
What did the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan have in common?
They both took power from the states and gave it to the national government
When did the Constitutional Convention convene?
Through the system of checks and balances
How did the framers hope to keep the power of the national government in check?
Congress and state legislatures
What elements of the government was given the power to amend the Constitution?
What statement did the Constitution make regularly regarding slavery?
It enabled Congress to abolish slavery as of 1808
A federalist
Alexander Hamilton can best be described as what?
Heavy funding, aggressive campaigning and national prestige
What helped the Federalists to push the Constitution through ratification?
New Hampshire
last colony founded in New England; originally part of the Massachussetts Bay it consisted of a few settlements north of boston. hoping to increase royal control, king charles ii separated it from the bay co…
Thomas Jefferson
drafted the Constitution; shared Locke's ideas
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay
Who was an author of the Federalist Papers?
Greatly effected the ratification debate
The Federalist papers didn't do what?
Special coventions
What bodies were responsible for ratifying the Constitution?
opponents of the Constitution who favored a stronger state government, small farmers and westerners
How many meetings did the Congress of Vienna have?
Secretary of Interior
What wasn't an original cabinet position in Washington's cabinet?
The executive branch
What element of the new government most concerned the Anti-federalists?
Alexander Hamilton
Delegate to the Constitutional Convention and leader of the Federalists; first secretary of the treasury.
the 10th
Which amendment to the Constitution most challenged a loose reading of the elastic clause?
What wasn't proposed by Hamilton's Report on Public Credit?
the creation of the Bank of the United States
Western Pennsylvania
Where were the effects of the Whiskey excise tax felt most deeply?
The US policy toward the Native Americans in the Northwest Territory in the early 1790s characterized what?
The US attempted to remove the Indians from the land with military force, the US recognized the Indians' title to their land and prevented settlers from trespassing and the US tried to prepare the In…
When did Washington issue the Proclamation of Amerian Neutrality?
Treaty of Greenville
What treaty proivided the end of Indian hostilities?
Approved of
Southers generally _______ the French Revolution?
Political paties
What did Washington's Farewell Address warn Americans to avoid?
North and South
The division between Federalists and Republicans had become basically the difference between _______ by 1796?