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American Revolution: the Battles

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What is mercantalism?
An economic doctrine that a nation benefits through trade.
What battle is associated with the famous "shot heard round the world"?
who leads the way in the world wide abolition movement?
At which battle were the patriots trying to prevent the british from finding their stored ammunition?
The British
Who won the French and Indian War?
The Sons of Liberty
Paul Revere
The more renowned of the colonial riders who warned of the British march to Concord
Ft. Ticonderoga
At which battle did the patriots seize a valuable fort?
Battle of Bunker Hill
The British won the battle but suffered heavy losses (1,000 dead). The British learned that defeating the Americans would not be easy.
George Washington
Unanimously chosen to be the leader of the Continental Army
Battle of Long Island
After this battle was over Washington felt defeated that the revolution may be over for the patriots.
Battles of Trenton and Princeton
These two battles were a positive turning point for the patriots.
Delaware River
Washington crossed this river in the early hours of the morning to surprise the Hessian army?
Battle on Christmas day, 1776 in which Americans defeated Hessian (German) mercenaries. It boosted American morale greatly.
The Battles of Brandywine and Germantown
What is a mercanary
People primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.
German mercanaries
Who are the Hessians?
Country with the largest state-supported theater system
Someone/thing from England.
Was the Hessian army a strength or a weakness for the British?
Valley Forge
After the loss of Philadelphia, Washington's demoralized troops suffered through the severe winter of 1777-1778 here in Philadelphia
Did Robespierre believe in the general will as the source of all law like Roussaeu?
sickness and starvation
What were 2 major causes of death among the colonial troops at Valley Forge?
What was the capital of the colonies?
Battle of Brandywine
At what battle do the British seize the colonial capital of Philadelphia?
middle colonies
A British battle strategy was to separate the New England colonies from the _______ colonies?
1777 battle in New York state won by the Americans which convinced France to get involved in the American Revolution
This battle ends the war in the southern colonies?
Lord Cornwallis
The British General that surrenders to Washington ending the American Revolution?
1781 battle in Virginia that gave Americans victory in the Revolutionary War
The patriots
Who wins the American Revolution?
Was the economy focused enough to support Germany in the war effort?
Treaty of Paris
Treaty signed in 1783, which provided for the following: (1) Britain would recognize the existence of the United States as an independent nation. (2) The Mississippi River would be the western boundary of that nat…
September of 1783
When was the Treaty of Paris signed?