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Sugar Act

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The Revenue Act
What is another name for the Sugar Act
Three main reasons Great Britain passed the Sugar Act
cut down the smuggling of goods into the colonies, England wanted to tighten its grip on the colonies, raise money to pay off English debt from the French and Indian War
What did the first major part of the Sugar Act make "more difficult" for the colonists?
It made smuggling goods in more difficult with a complicated system for loading and unloading goods
It made certain goods more expensive
what did the second major part of the Sugar Act do to "certain foreign goods" in the colonies
What was the Sugar Act a "new and improved tax on?"
American Revenue (Sugar) Act
make rum
Molasses was used to
smuggling molasses into the colonies or bribing tax colectors
There was already a high tax on molasses but most colonists avoided it by
easier for British officials to bring smugglers to trial
The new tax imposed by the Sugar Act was lower, but made it
What was the result?
The colonists were forced to pay the new tax which drove many merchants out of business
part of the "new middle class" of medieval society
merchants who snuck in goods illegally to avoid paying British taxes