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Music in the Twentieth Century

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Bela Bartok
-Concerto for Orchestra, 1st mvt (1943)
Dmitri Shostakovich
-Symphony No.5 in D Minor, 2nd mvt (1937)
Charles Ives
-"Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut" from Three Places in New England (1912)
George Gershwin
-Rhapsody in Blue (1924) : (1) free, rhapsodic form. (2) blues flavor.
Aaron Copland
-Appalachian Spring (1943-1944) :(1) American-sounding rhythms and melodies (2) suggest barn dances, fiddle tunes, and revival hymns (3) uses a Shaker melody entitled Simple Gifts (4) bright and transparent (5) clear tonality (6) tender and calm in mood
Alberto Ginastera
-"Final Dance: Malambo" from Estancia Suite (1941) : (1)rooted in Argentinean folk tradition (2) uses a large orchestra (3) fast tempo, perpetual motion, and percussive sounds
Milton Babbitt
John Cage
"Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano - Sonata 2"
Edgard Varese
"Electronic Poem"
Steve Reich
"Music for 18 Musicians"
Philip Glass
"Einstein on the Beach"
George Crumb
-"Black Angel" 2nd movement
Charlie Patton
"Spoonful Blues"
Son House
"Death Letter Blues"
Robert Johnson
Bukka White
"Poor Boy Long Way from Home"
Roosevelt Sykes
"Gulfport Boogie"
Bessie Smith
"St.Louis Blues"
Ma Rainey
"Dream Blues"
Muddy Waters
"Hoochie Coochie Man"
Howin' Wolf
"Smokestack Lightning"
Bo Diddley
"Hey Bo Diddley"
Chuck Berry
The Beatles
"Yer Blues"
Rolling Stones
"Exile on Main Street Blues"
Jimi Hendrix
Hey Joe and Purple Haze
Eric Clapton
"Knocking on Heaven's Door"
Pink Floyd
Scott Joplin
"Maple Leaf Rag"
"Tiger Rag"
Jelly Roll Morton
"Sobbin' Blues"
King Oliver Creole Jazz Band
Original Dixieland
"Lively Stable Blues"
Louis Armstrong
"When You're Smiling"
"Heebie Jeebies"
Hot Fives and Louis Armstrong
Benny Goodman
"Sing Sing Sing"
Duke Ellington
"It don't Mean a Thing"
Billy Holiday
"Strange Fruit"
Ella Fitzgerald
-"Mack the Knife:
Charlie Parker
"Groovin' High"
Dizzy Gillespie
"A Night in Tunisia"
Thelonious Monk
Miles Davis
"Moon Dreams"
Dave Brubeck
"Take Five"