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From quasi non-governmental organisation, an administrative body outside the government, but whose members are appointed by the government.
Fourth Estate
the term was popularised by writer and MP Thomas Caryle (1800-59) to mean the press balance o the other three powers: clergy and nobility in the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
The position of having no competition in a given trade or market.
Strong self-discipline and moral strictness, with simple living and a lack of luxury.
Respect for social superiors.
Preoccupation with consumer goods and their acquisition.
Baby Boom
Dramatic increase in birthrate, especialy in the years following WWII. - Marc
Something that is self-evident or indisputably true.
Disposable Income
Money left to spend after all essential expenditure and savings have been deducted from earnings.
Exploiting an activity or product by turning it into something from which a profit can be derived.
The word originally came from the 1930s black slang word for dance - 'juke'.
Enabling Factor
A factor which allows later developments to occur; a necessary but not sufficient cause of something.
Albermale Report
A report into the workings of Youth Service in England and Wales; it was commissioned by the government, partly in response to growing concerns about a 'youth problem'.
Generation Gap
Differences in opinions, tastes and behavior between those of different generations.
Teddy Boy
Teddy, shot for Edward, from the Edwardian style (i.e. during the reign of Edward VII 1901-10) of their long coats and drainpipe trousers.
Films about teenagers targeted at teenagers. Plots often revolve around problems with parents, school or relationships with the opposite sex.
Vacancy of mind, thought, from 'vacuous; meaning unintelligent.
An attitude that allows something to be done; in particular tolerates sexual freedom.
Broad-minded, without prejudice. Respect for individual rights and freedoms.
Family Planning Association
A charity, founded in 1930, that provides contraceptives and advise (at first to married couples only).
BBC Charter
A series of rules that the BBC must operate to justify its funding by licence fee. Legally this is renewed every 10 years by the monarch, but some feel that governments have put ever gre…
a style of writing that pokes fun at people or society
A prominent person in fashionable society; a modern example is the 'it girl'.
The removal of barriers of class or rank in society.
Literally 'without government', it can more generally mean a state of social confusion.
A longing for conditions or things from the recent past.
Bloody Sunday
27 protesters were shot and 14 of these killed by British troops in the Bogside area of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
Women's Lib
A movement for the recognition and extension of women's rights.
A business that contracts to offer certain goods and services from a larger parent company (p 669) Colin
Short for situation comedy, a programme where the humor derives from putting together certain characters in certain places.