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Hitler's Policies Towards Minorities

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Mein Kampf
Hitlers book that he wrote in prison in which he lays out his plan to take control of Germany, no one took it seriously when in retrospect they really should have.
Hitler's 1920's program
Nazi's 25 points
asocials, disables, non-aryans, Jews
What group(s) did Hitler's idology of Volksgemeinshaft attack?
- 10,000 Tramps
Which social groups were sent to concentration camps from 1936?
Policy towards the disabled
- July 1933 Nazi Sterilization Law made it compulsory (320,000 were sterilized)
Anti-Semitic policies 1933
- May 1933 SA organized one day boycott of Jewish businesses
Anti-Semitic policies 1935 - Nuremberg Laws
1935 Nuremberg Laws deprive Jews of German citizenship
1938 Kristallnacht
Attack on Jewish properties and synagogues
1942 Wansee Conference
final solution (extermination of Jews) was decided