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Battle of Britain

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The Blitz
76 nights, 4000 killed
Last gasp (date)
31st August 1940
Last gasp
lost almost 300 planes, 170 damaged
24th August
Luftwaffe accidentally bomb London
2nd September
Luftwaffe purposely bomb London
RAF lost
1,173 planes and 510 pilots
Luftwaffe lost
1,733 planes and 3,400 airmen
Radar stations
Best fighter-bomber
Mescherschmitt 110
Radar picks up
75 miles away
radar towers
upto 350 feet tall
Observer Corps
1000 posts
17th Sept
German Strategy change
2 weeks left
Dowding beleives RAF has
Civilian Repair Organisation
Lord Beaverbrook sets up
250% in 1940
Lord B increases production
Britain produces
4000 fighters to Germany's 3000 in 1940
Location at which the French had to be evacuated by the British. Over 330,000 soldiers were rescued in the "miracle of the little ships."
British defense was based on the "Dowding System", the complex infrastructure of detection, command, and control that ran the battle. It was named after its chief architect, Air Chief Marshal Sir H.C.T. "Stuffy" Dowding,…
Radar operations
Initial target of the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain
Air fields
After radar operations the next attack of the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain
fast, maneuverable British fighter plane that helped England win the Battle of Britain
Messerschmidt 109
German fighter plane
Maginot Line
French line of fortifications on the eastern French border.
Lighting Wars type of fast-moving warfare used by German forces against Poland in 1939
A German word that means tank (wikipedia) Emily
German Air Force
Phony war
Name for the time between fall of 1939 and April of 1940 when general mobilization for the war began, but few if any battles were being fought. Some referred to it as the "sitzkrieg."
Static War
Strategy that French employed along the Maginot Line. Defensive position.
June 21st 1940
French surrender to the Germans
those in Ireland who wanted to gain more independence for Ireland from Britain
Popular Front
A government of all left-wing parties that took power in France in 1936 to enact social and economic reforms.
June 1940 - September 1940
German objective?
To invade Great Britain
Hermann Göring
Who commanded the Luftwaffe?
Sir Hugh Dowding
Who headed the RAF?
Operation Sea Lion
Name of operation
What were the Luftwaffe's targets?
To attack England's coastline, to attack the RAF and to attack British towns and cities
17 September 1940
When was Operation Sea Lion called off indefinitely
What does Blitzkreig mean?
Lightning war - speed and surprise
Why was Great Britain successful?
Because of the RAF's technology (Spitfire and Hurricane) and because British pilots worked extremely hard