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Invasion of the Soviet Union

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Nazi Soviet Non Aggression Pact
Hitler and Stalin promised but was broken by German invasion on June 1941
1. Living space
June 22, 1941, Operation of this
scorched earth policy
when the Russians retreated from French invasion and burnt all the crops and villages along the way in order to starve the French soldiers
By November the Nazies had pushed to outside of here and captured Kiev and panned to seige Leningrad
Russian winter
Soliders were ill equipped for cold- no medical suppleis- German panzers were no match for the harsh Soviet winter The cold froze lubricating oil and cracked engine blocks.
Japanese Expansion
European countries occupied with Hitler and did not defend their apcific colonies- Japan took advantage
A government ban on trade with other countries.
Tripartite Pact
1940 alliance between Japan, Germany, and Italy established by a 3 party agreement
He demanded for Japanese withdrawal from China
Pearl Harbour
Japan attack on Dec 7 1941 and sank or destroyed Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, California, and Wst Virginia
Councils of workers and soldiers.
Pearl Harbour pulls into the WWII