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Historiography: World War II

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David Dilks
Chamberlain does not deserve all the blame for Britian's policy of appeasement; social factors played a large role: the people wanted to avoid war at all costs.
E.H. Carr
Economical and political forces shaped Stalin - but still a strong leader. Stalin = produced by circumstances. If Stalin didn't industrialize Russia, someone would have.
R.A.C. Parker
appeasement and Chamberlain's inability and unwillingness to deal with Hitler made Germany's aggressive foreign policy possible
John D. Clare
Appeasement was not the British govt.'s fault:
Donald Cameron Watt
In the end the war was Hitler's war. It may have not been the war he wanted but it was the war he was prepared to risk everything for. Neither firmness, appeasement, or arms reduc…
Gerhard Weinberg
Although he did not seek out war, by the time of the Sudeten crisis, Hitler understood that he would have to fight the Allied powers. When Hitler invaded Poland he knew that he was ris…
Hugh Trevor-Roper
argues that to Hitler the Russian campaign was not a luxury, it was the be-all and end-all of Nazism and couldn't be delayed
Alan Bullock
Hitler invaded Russia for the simple and sufficient reason that he had always meant to establish the foundations of his thousand year reich by the annexation of the territory lying between the Vistula and the Urals
Eberhard Jäckel
believes that Hitler's role leading up to the Holocaust is important when studying the causes of the Holocaust considering Hitler's godlike position in Germany.