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Spanish Civil War Outcome

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how did paul preston say franco ruled
Franco ruled "as if it was a country occupied by a victorious foreign army
what were the 1950s termed
1950s termed the "era of the national church."
what did frances lannon say the church enjoyed
The Catholic Church enjoyed a degree of state support that was much greater than at any time since the 18th century."
what did patricia knight say the church did in creating links with workers' movements
Church created links with workers' movements. "This was an attempt to infiltrate and prevent any resurgent communist groups
what effort was made according to paul preston
every effort was made to maintain the division between the victors and the vanquished
what did military involvement in spain allow Hitler to due according to stephen lee
Military involvement in Spain absorbed Mussolini's attention, allowing Hitler to carry out the annexation of Austria in 1938
A.J.P. Taylor
The Spanish Civil War was "without significant effect" in causing World War II