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War at Sea & the Hunley

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Union ironclad with a cheese box on a raft appearence.
Union ironclad that was plagued with mechanical failures throughout her career.
A Confederate submarine that sank three times.
December 31st, 1862
Day that the USS Monitor sank
May 11th, 1862
Day that the CSS Virginia sank
Fate of the Merrimack
It was sunk to keep it out of enemy hands, but it was still salvaged by the Confederates
The CSS Virginia
What was the salvaged Merrimack used to build?
Horace Hunley
Inventor of the Hunley
John Ericsson
Who invented the Monitor?
How many people could the Hunley hold?
What happened to the Hunley's crew during a test dive?
They prematurely activated the drive plans for the submarine, which sent it to the bottom of Charleston Harbor.
General Beauregard
Who ordered the Hunley's recovery?
What happened to the Hunley on its second voyage?
A private forgot to close a hatch before the dive, and the water killed the crew.
What happened to Horace Hunley?
He was killed on the second voyage.
What happened to the Hunley on its third, and final mission?
It got close to the USS Housatanic, and detonated its torpedo prematurely.
To signal to the shore that the mission was accomplished
What did the Hunley have time to do before it sank?
Where is the Monitor today?
Most of the Monitor is at the bottom of the ocean, but the turret and engine are in a museum located in Virginia.
When was the Hunley recovered?
In 2000 by a group of scientists.
CSS Virginia
This boat could be described as a foating barn roof.
The Battle of Hampton Roads
This battle was a Confederate effort to break the Union blockade.
April 20th, 1861
Date that the Merrimack was sunk by its own crew.