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Russian Revolution

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a Russian council composed of representatives from the workers and soldiers.
Vladimir Lenin
Russian founder of the Bolsheviks and leader of the Russian Revolution and first head of the USSR (1870-1924)
A Russian political party (group) that started the Soviet Union.
New Economic Policy (NEP)
Policy proclaimed by Vladimir Lenin in 1924 to encourage the revival of the Soviet economy by allowing small private enterprises.
Joseph Stalin
He tried to crush all opposition and ruled as the absolute dictator of the U.S.S.R. until his death.
Great Purge
The widespread arrests and executions of over a million people by Josef Stalin between 1936 and 1938. Stalin was attempting to eliminate all opposition to his rule of the Soviet Union.
totalitarian state
country where a single party controls the government and every aspect of the lives of the people
command economy
An economic system in which the government controls a country's economy.
five year plans
Plans that Joseph Stalin introduced to industrialize the Soviet Union rapidly, beginning in 1928.
large farms on which people worked together as a group (forced by Stalin).
Revolution of 1905
result of discontent from Russian factory workers and peasants as well as an emerging nationalist sentiment among the empires minorities.
Russo Japanese war
what wars did Japan fight and win
March Revolution
As a result of this revolution the Romanov dynasty was removed from power after 300 years of autocratic rule and replaced with the provisional government led by Alexander Kerenski
Brest Litovsk
march 1918. ended russia war with germany by conceding lithuania poland and finland.
Policy imposing Russian customs and traditions on other people.
wealthy peasant in the soviet union in the 1930s
Region of Russia which resisted collectivization and in which Stalin implemented a policy of forced starvation.
Nicholas II
Last Emperor of Russia, conservative, Slogan = Orthadoxy, autocracy, nationalism.
The meet and eventually dissolve and can't get much done. The Duma were council assemblies which were created by the Czar of Russia. Simply, it is a form of Russian governmental institution that was fo…
Bloody Sunday
27 protesters were shot and 14 of these killed by British troops in the Bogside area of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
Leon Trotsky
a great writer, orator and administrator. Help orchestrate the collectivization of Russia after the revolutions. Was Lenin's right hand man and should have taken over for him when he died but he was bullied…
Provisional Government
The government established in 1917 which replaced Nicholas II when he abdicated. The only mistake of this government was not getting Russia out of the brutal World War I.
The political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
The growing class of factory and railroad workers, miners, and urban wage earners.
violent massacre of the Jews in Russia
Queen Victoria
set high standards for behavior among women and married couples.
Imperial Duma
What type of government did Czar Nicholas II reluctantly give to his people but were later unhappy with because it was run by nobles?
Father Gregory Gapon
Who spoke the quote "The innocent blood of the workers, and that of their wives and children, lies between you and the Russian people..."?
It is God's will.
What does Nicholas always say when he was faced with a political dilemma?
Grigory Rasputin
Who is the healer of Alexei's bleeding called the "Mad Monk" and has a strong influence over Czarina Alexandra?
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
Which relative of Nicholas' declares war on Russia?
Russo-Japanese War
The 1904-19005 war between Russia and Japan fought over imperial influence and territory in northeast China. Japan wins and becomes the first non European world power.
Hangman ropes
What were Stolypn's "neckties"?
Serfs (peasants)
Which group dominated the Russian population in the 1800s-1900s?
Land Reforms
What changes did Stolypn create for the peasants to help them increase their agricultural production?
Lenin (Vladimir IIyich Ulianov)
Who strongly clashed with the Czar's ways and was exiled from Russia for having a brother who took part in plotting a murder against the Czar's Father?
Which colossal country had nine different time zones, was practically landlocked, and had a ruler with many problems in the 1900's?
To modernize, westernize and expand Russia.
What were Peter the Great and Catherine the Great's goals when ruling Russia?
St. Petersburg
What was Peter the Great's "Window to the West"?
Romanov Dynasty
What was the 300 year old dynasty that ruled Russia?
A secret police force much like the Tsar's.
Alexander Kerensky
After the February Revolution Kerensky served as Minister of Justice in the democratic Russian Provisional Government. In May he became Minister of War. In July he became the second Prime Minister until it was overth…
Prince Felix Yussopov
Who killed Grigory Rasputin?
Country with the largest state-supported theater system
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
After the Bolshevik Revolution Lenin signed a peace treay with Germany called.....