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1848 Revolutions-Russian Reforms

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Louis Philippe
Who is forced to abdicate the throne when the National Guard joins with the commoners?
louis blanc
represented the republican socialists in the government. He established cooperative workshops sponsored by goverments. He wanted Government reform
louis napoleon
was a French president for ten years(92%) and a emperor (97%)
Alexi de toqueville
was a writer who predicted the overthrow of Louis Phillipe
Constituent Assembly
The All Russian Constituent Assembly was a democratically elected costitutional body convened in Russia after the October Revolution of 1917
General-Louis Caignac
general of republican army
Ferndinand I
was the Habsburg emperor (1835-1848). He promised refroms and a liberal constitution
was a bavarian princess and advocated for her son Francis Joseph to be king after Ferdinand (had no heir)
Francis Joseph
was crowned emperor of Austria immediately after his eighteenth birthday
Nicholas I of Russia
came in and took over. He order 130000 troops into Hungary.
Frederick William IV
autocratic ruler (1840-1816). He promised to grant Prussia a liberal constitution and to merge Prussia into a new national German state that was to be created. He didn't want to be Prussian Empire becaus…
Prussian Constintuent Assembly
met in berlin to write a constitution for the Prussia State
National Assembly in Prussia
elected Frederick William Prussian emperor.
Baron Von Haussman
Rebuilds paris
Tuscany, Papal States, 2 sicilies, Lomarby, Venecia
Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour
Was aware Italy couldn't unify without help and led Piedmont-Sardinia
Napoleon III( Italian Unification)
Wanted to protect pople in order to get more religious support
1859 Italian and Austrian War
Austria was afraid that the 4 states would take territory away from Austria
Truce of Villafranca
Gave Lombardi to PS, and Venicia to Austria
1860 plebicties
Ratify attachements and gives Savoy kingdom
courage/sword of the Italian Unification; leads read shirts (volunteer fighters); takes control of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies; seen as liberator of southern Italy
Battle of Sedowa
Forces Austria to give Venecia to Austria
battle of Sedan
Napoleon III loses to Prussians and has to leave Papal states. Victor Emmanuel takes over states and Italy takes over other territories.
Keinsdeutch vs. Grossdeutch
Kleinsdeutch was small with no Austria
A customs union- alliances between states so they create unity through trade and economy therefore there is no taxes charged when stuff is transferred between places
Austo-Prussian Wars
Prussia wins in war
N. German Confederation
Is created lolidk what else is important
Franco Prussian War (1870-1871)
Germans expand territory
Were part of france? Germany
Otto Von Bismark
Provokes Austrians
Allied Forces In Crimean War
Britain, France, Ottomans, Austria and Sardinians against Russia
Battle of Balaclava and "Charge of Light Brigade"
Was a miscomunication that resulted in death for British
Alexander II
Became Russian Tsar
Were local government
Sergei Witte
Tough, competent minster from 1892 to 1903
Chinese Maruchia
Russia was influenced to look to North Korea
Russo-Japanese War
The 1904-19005 war between Russia and Japan fought over imperial influence and territory in northeast China. Japan wins and becomes the first non European world power.
Bloody Sunday Massacre
Government came in to St. Petersburg during a peaceful gather and killed ordinary people who were against the tsar
Nicholas II
Last Emperor of Russia, conservative, Slogan = Orthadoxy, autocracy, nationalism.
October Manifesto
Granted complete cvill tights and promised elected Dumas
Fundamental Laws
Allowed the Tsar to veto any law
The meet and eventually dissolve and can't get much done. The Duma were council assemblies which were created by the Czar of Russia. Simply, it is a form of Russian governmental institution that was fo…
Treaty of Paris
Treaty signed in 1783, which provided for the following: (1) Britain would recognize the existence of the United States as an independent nation. (2) The Mississippi River would be the western boundary of that nat…
Alexander III
Was a reactionary