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Colonial Rule & the Nationalist Challenge in India

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WW1 dates
1914 - 1918
The Indian National Congress
Which group had started in 1885?
When people decide they don't like their government and use violence to get rid of it so they can make a new government.
The Ghadr party started in which country?
The Indian Independence Committee
Which group was formed in 1914 by students and political activists?
What were the Rowlatt Acts? (2 points)
1. The Rowlatt Acts allowed the Indian Government to arrest and imprison anyone without trial if they were thought to be planning a revolution against British India
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Name a leading figure in the Indian National Congress
A prominent political leader and women's activist Alexandra Kollontai, established the women's department within the Communist Party to encourage female involvement however, the vision of transforming women's role in society was not met and…
Indians got more say in their affairs
What was the 'Government of India Act' all about?
Strike action
What does 'Hartal' mean?
The Rowlatt Acts
Gandhi led a 'hartal' on the 6th of April 1919. What was he protesting against?
Stayed off work and went without food
What did the Indians do in that protest?
What happened in Punjab?
The protests became violent
Called off the protests
When Gandhi heard what had happened in Punjab, what did he do?
The city of Amritsar is the most holy city for _______ because this is where the _______ is.
Who were 'Dr Satyapal and Dr Kitchlew'?
2 leaders of the Indian National Congress
What is 'martial law'?
The military is in control
What happened in the Amritsar Massacre?
Troops led by General Dyer came to Amritsar and blocked the narrow entrance and they opened fire on the unarmed crowd. 1650 rounds were fired in 20 minutes. 379 killed and 1200 wounded,
What happened to Dyer after the Amritsar massacre?
He was asked to resign from the army
Born in Gujarat
3 things about Gandhi.. (Appearance does not count)
What happened at Champaran (Bihar) and Kheda (Gujarat)?
The villagers were being treated badly by the government and heavily taxed.
'Ashram' means?
Bapu (Father)
Gandhi's supporters gave him 2 titles. what were they?
Hind Swaraj
In 1909 Gandhi wrote a book. What was it called?
Self rule
What does 'Swaraj' mean?
(Clue: Grassroots)
Gandhi felt the villages and communities should be self governing and that the country should be governed from the grassroots up.
Non violence
What is 'ahimsa'?
What does 'Satyagraha' mean?
1. Insistence on truth
Make their own clothes
Gandhi urged Indians to use Indian made goods instead of British ones. Provide one example
What is civil disobedience?
Refusing to obey laws/government without using violence
What happened in 'Chauri Chaura'?
A nationalist mob captured a police station and set it on fire. 23 policemen inside were killed.
In March 1922 Gandhi was arrested. Why?
For sedition (inciting violence against the state).
To train as a barrister
Why did Gandhi go to London?
a Extreme Hindu nationalist
Talk about when Gandhi was killed (who/when/how).
Hindu's born outside the caste system are called what?