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Age of Metternich

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a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, favoring obedience to the government
the belief that people should be as free as possible from government restraint
Sun Yat-sen'd Three Principles of the People
a political philosophy to make China a free, prosperous, and powerful nation. The three principles are often translated into and summarized as nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people.
Economic and political system where the government owns the means of production, distributes the products, determines and distributes the wages, and provides social services.
Congress of Vienna
-peace settlement 1814-1815
Klemens von Metternich
The most influential member of the Congress of Vienna; he worked for Austria but called himself a "Citizen of Europe"
Bonaparte's foreign administrator who acts as a traitor by telling Alexander that Napoleon is overreaching himself and advises patience. Believes that balance in Europe will create peace. (pg. 396)
Lord Castlereagh
English representative at the Congress of Vienna who sought a balance of power by surrounding France with larger and stronger states.