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Congress System & Age of Metternich

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What was the Quadruple Alliance
alliance between Russia, Austria, Prussia and Briatain to stay united until napolean was defeated
What was the Congress of Vienna
Congress of the four powers at the time to try to erase the revolution
Who was Klemens von Metternich
prime minster of Austria and host of the Congress of Vienna
Charles De Talleyard
Foreign minister of France who convinces Britain that the new threat is russia not france
Quintuple Alliance
the alliance between Prussia, Austria, Prussia, Britain, and France to continue to crush the revolutions
What were the three goals of the Congress of Vienna
1. Legitimacy- return king to thrones; restore popes; take napoleans brothers out of power
Alexander I
Russian tsar who decided it was necessary to make peace with France.
What was the Holy Alliance
alliance between Prussia, Russia, and Austria to preserve Christian principles
Explain Spain's revolution in the 1820's
they topple their monarch but is eventually put down ironically by the french
Explain Italy's revolution in the 1820's
they try to throw off austrian rule and unify italy. This is crushed by Austria
Explain Greece's revolution in the 1820's
Try to separate from Austrian rule and succeed partially because of the backing of Britain and Grance
Decembrist Revolt
takes place in 1825 in Russia but is crushed by Nicolas I
Explain the July Revolution
starts when France issues a constitution and soon after Louis XIII dies. Charles X tears up the Constitution which upsets the middle class and he is toppled
Explain the Belgium revolution in 1830's
revolt against Dutch Rule (very different religions & cultures). succeeds and Britain and France were once again backing this revolt
Explain the Polish revolution in the 1830's
revolt against the russians but because of their close proximity to Russia it is easily crushed
Explain the February Days
in France the economy sucks and workers and middle class topple Louis-Phillippe. No more king in France a republic is established
What were National Workshops
Gov't allowed this; it instituted the right to work for the unemployed
Explain the June Days
their was a civil war in paris against the Middle class and workers and Louis Napolean wins election for president
Louis Napolean
becomes first president of France but then topples the republic and establishes a monarch, again
Austrian Empire
Italians and Hungarians revolt; russians help the Austrians and crush the hungarians; In italy it did not work either
German states revolt
many of the german states revolt leading to the Franfurt Liberals
Who were the Franfurt liberals
people who want to unify german states but are not sure what kind of unification; Prussian King takes over and liberals fall apart
What is the outcome of the Crimean war
ends the congress system, russia retakes the Crimean Pennisula