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Congress of Vienna & the Concert of Europe

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first Treaty of Paris
Settlement before Vienna Congress. Signed with Bourbons, confined France to boundaries of 1792, Napoleon exiled. Asked territorial questions (Ex: Poland). (p.418)
Congress of Vienna
-peace settlement 1814-1815
Most influential person in the Congress of Vienna who restored the monarchs to their thrones; believed in conservatism
British foreign secretary who provided for the restoration of the French monarchy and the contraction of France to its 1792 borders during the Congress of Vienna. (p.418)
Tsar Alexander I
Russia; pushed for territorial acquisitions
Prussia; collaboration of the powers
Bonaparte's foreign administrator who acts as a traitor by telling Alexander that Napoleon is overreaching himself and advises patience. Believes that balance in Europe will create peace. (pg. 396)
second Treaty of Paris
New treaty with France, more severe, since French were less repentant. changes in boundaries. 700,000,000 francs, and army of occupation
Holy Alliance
based on Christian principles, against revolution
Quadruple Alliance
Concert of Europe
Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle
Quadruple Alliance decided to free France from occupation. It joined the ranks of the powers. Quad Alliance --> Quintuple Alliance
Congresses of Troppau & Laibach
(Troppau) Russia, Prussia, and Austria asserted right to intervene in other countries to suppress revolutions
Congress of Verona
France granted right to intervene in Spain. British protest
The Treaty of London
Britain, France, and Russia agreed to demand the Ottoman Empire recognize Greek independence and use force if necessary (1827). Recognized Greek independence (1830)