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Continental System: Britain & Europe

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nation of shopkeepers
Napoleon's way of describing England: they wouldn't fight wars with blood, rather with pounds sterling and would find dupes in Europe. (pg. 405)
Berlin decree
(1806) Napoleon prohibited importation of British goods into continent of Europe. (pg. 405)
order in council of 1807
1807; ruled by British in response to Berlin decree, stated neutrals could enter Napoleonic ports only if they first stopped in Britain
Germaine de Staël
critic of Napoleon in writing who was exiled to Switzerland
Milan decree
(December 1807) Napoleon announced that any ship or vessel that stopped at a British port, or submitted to search by a British warship at sea, would be confiscated upon arrival of a Continental harbor. (pg. 406)
purpose of Continental System
to destroy the enemy's export markets and to develop economy of Continental Europe around France as its main center
modern Carthage
name given to England by French republicans