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Europe After Napoleon Bonaparte II

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was exiled in Elba, was exiled in St. Helena
One took place while Napoleon _______ and one was held when Napoleon _______.
How many representatives were there in the Congress of Vienna?
Name 5 main members
1. Alexander I, Russia
Grand Duchy of Warsaw, Great Britain
What did Russia want all of and who said NO! to this?
What will Russia get in the end?
part of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw
What will Prussia get part of in the end?
Kingdom of the Netherlands `
What were the Dutch and Austrian Netherlands known as when they united?
Russia gets all of Finland
What happens to Finland in provision 4?
to make sure France doesn't get too powerful
What was the second purpose of the Congress of Vienna?
they remained neutral
Switzerland became independent as long as _______.
What are individuals who want to turn back the clock and put monarchies on the throne in Europe?
it's done away with
What happens to the Confederation of the Rhine?
German Confederation is created
What was created as a result of the ending of the Confederation of the Rhine?
What were the two purposes of Quadruple Alliance?
1. to make sure Congress of Vienna is carried out
epicenter of the enlightenment
make sure no new European democracies were made
What did Metternich do in the Age of Metternich?
democratic reforms
What did a large number of students and secret societies involved in Troppau Protocol and Carlsbad Decrees want?
How many meetings did the Congress of Vienna have?
What happened to Ferdinand VII?
he was removed from throne and Metternich gets mad
What mad Metternich very angry?
when Ferdinand signed and was removed from throne
carry out Metternich System
What did the Troppau Protocol do?
European empire that colonized most of Latin America
Ferdinand VII
They put who back on Spanish throne?
Austria took an army into _______.
Ferdinand I
Austria put _______ back on Italian throne?
For a long time, no one would _______ Greece.
Alexander I, czar of Russia
Who wouldn't allow help in Greece for a long time?
Presumed Show of Force, yes
What tactic did helpers use in Greece? Did it work?
Ottoman Empire left Greece
What happened as a result of "Presumed show of force?"
Greece became independent when _______.
helpers bluffed Ottoman Empire out
Treaty of Adrianople 1829
What treaty gave Greece their independence?
The "score" after Greece War is Metternich _______, Radicals _______.
Central and South America
Spain gave _______ their independence.
When Spain wanted Latin America back
What caused a conflict in Latin America?
USA passed Monroe Doctrine
What happened after USA took control in South and Central America?
What did Monroe and Monroe Doctrine state?
If Spain leaves America alone, America will leave Spain alone.
Descriptions of Louis XVIII
What is White Terror?
when Louis XVIII and his men killed many people in France who had ties to the revolution and who wanted Napoleon back on throne
to man up
What did ultraroyalist tell Louis XVIII?
When a person or a country is able to choose its own leader.
Who replaced Louis XVIII?
Charles X, his brother
3 mistakes of Charles X
1. tried to be absolute
July Revolution 1830
What is the name of the 3 day revolution?
Charles was forced to abdicate throne
As a result of July Revolution, _______.
Netherlands revolution
What did July Revolution lead to?
Dutch and Austrian
There are two Netherlands, _______ and _______.
Austria wants what from Dutch?
Austrian independence from Dutch
What was the revolution fought for?
List 2 differences between Austrian and Dutch Netherlands
1. Austrian speaks Flemish and Dutch speaks Dutch
9 years
How long was Netherlands revolution?
he supported common people
Why did Louis Phillippe become king of France?
he changed and stopped supporting common people
What happened to Phillippe when he was elected?
2 ways Phillippe changed
1. took rights from common people
common people revolted
What happened after Phillippe changed?
Common people and National Guard
Who forced Louis Phillippe to abdicate throne?
What ended 1st republic in France?
abdication of throne by Louis Phillippe
define Nationalism
a feeling of love/loyalty towards your country
5 factors of Nationalism (EARLG)
Shared experiences, problems, and dangers
Define chauvinism
extreme Nationalism
The danger of Chauvinism
It leads to war
Define liberalism
People who wanted to push for democratic reforms
Anti-common people
Moderate Liberals (CWDPVL)
Labor Unions
Tried to improve working conditions
Purpose of The Congress of Vienna
To establish a peace settlement after the fall of Napoleon
When Napoleon was exiled to Elba
1st Meeting of the Congress of Vienna
2nd Meeting of the Congress of Vienna
When Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena
The Board of Directors
What were the main 5 people called?
Alexander I, Russia
Name the 5 main people and their homeland
The Grand Duchy of Warsaw
What land did Russia want to take over?
Name the 6 Italian states that Austria received.
They could control the Mediterranean
What advantage did Great Britain gain due to a provision of the Congress of Vienna?
2nd Purpose of the Congress of Vienna
To make sure that France didn't become too powerful
It would remain an independent nation
If Switzerland remained neutral, what would happen?
Define reactionary
Individuals who wanted to turn back the clock to put monarchs on the throne of Europe
The German Confederation
What did the Confederation of the Rhine become?
Prussia and Austria
What two countries were added to the new Confederation of the Rhine?
Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, Austria
4 nations in the Quadruple Alliance
Quintuple Alliance nations
Prussia, Austria, Great Britain, France
2 purposes/definitions of the Holy Alliance
Monarchs should rule by Christian principles, Monarchs should rule as Christian princes
Concert of Europe: 2 purposes
To maintain a balance of powers, to maintain peace
Metternich System, Congress System
2 other names for the Concert of Europe
Define: Age of Metternich
When Europe/Metternich tried to make sure that no more democracies would be established in Europe
What originally caused the Carlsbad Decrees?
A large group of German students and teachers began to push for democratic reforms
He became very angry
How did Metternich react to the students?
Define: Carlsbad Decrees
They placed a censorship on all newspapers, magazines, and books brought into Germany
They were very closely monitored
What happened to students and teachers because of the Carlsbad Decrees?
2 reasons people called secret societies in Europe
To push for democratic reforms, to organize themselves and go to spain
What did the secret society do to the Ruler of Spain?
Forced him to sign a democratic constitution and forced him off of the throne
Why was the Troppau Protocol created?
to involve the use of force to make sure the Metternich system was carried out
Ferdinand I (Bourbon)
Who was the ruler of The Kingdom of Two Sicilies?
There were no democracies in Europe.
What was the result of the Troppau Protocol?
Where is Mary Antoinette from
Who controlled Greece?
The Ottoman Empire
France, Russia, England
Who offered to help Greece get her independence?
The Turks fell for the bluffing and Greece got her independence.
What happened as a result of a war threat to the Turks?
Treaty of Adrianople, 1829
The document that gave Greece her independence
What did the Monroe Doctrine say?
If Spain left Great Britain alone, all would be well. However, if they messed with Great Britain, they would be in trouble.
10 years
How long did Louis XVIII rule?
Definition: White Terror
When Louis XVIII and his cronies killed a large number of people in France who had ties to the French Revolution or who wanted Napoleon back on the throne
People who wanted Napoleon back on the throne
Liberals and Ultraroyalists
2 groups who opposed Louis XVIII
stood up to the people, said to be a man
Date of the July Revolution
3 days
How long did the July Revolution last?
Result of the July Revolution
Charles X was forced to abdicate the throne
Revolution of 1830
The Austrian Netherlands wanting independence led to the _______
2 Reasons the Austrian Netherlands wanted her independence
Austrians speak Flemish, and they are Roman Catholics.
Elected king
Several nicknames of Louis Phillippe
Why was Louis Phillippe elected?
He supported the common people
The first thing Louis Phillippe did when he became a ruler
He took away rights from the common people and gave support to the middle class and nobles
The National Guard
Who was brought in to stop the peasant's revolt?
What action ended the First French Republic?
Louis Phillippe abdicated the throne of France