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Europe After Napoleon

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The continental system
What was the first mistake of the continental system
The peninsular war
What was the second mistake of the continental system
What did Napoleon set up to prevent all communication and trade with his enemy Great Britain
continental system
Napoleon's efforts to block foreign trade with England by forbidding Importation of British goods Into Europe.
What was napoleons goal
To destroy g.bs economy
What was the result of the continental system
Many countries disregarded the blockade including napoleons brother this was unsuccessful
Why did Napoleon send troops through Spain to Portugal
to get everyone to abide by the continental system
His brother Joseph
Who did Napoleon replace the Spanish king with
Nationalism and anger increased throughout europe
What was the result of the peninsular war
Invasion of Russia
Czar Alexander I refused to stop selling grain to Britain; as a result, Napoleon attacked his country with the Grand Army
Who lost the invasion of Russia
Slash and burn method
Russians scorch everything in sight leaving napoleons troops with nothing
Where was Napoleon exiled
Elba but he returns to europe
Hundred Days
first hundred days of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency
What was the result of the invasion of Russia
Napoleon looses at the battle of Waterloo he is exiled again
Great Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria
Who was a part if the congress of Vienna
Describe the main goals of the Congress of Vienna
To arrange a peace settlement and balance of power in Europe, turn back the clock to pre-Revolutionary times, and to restore power in europe
Why is nationalism such a powerful force
People will do anything for their country
Common institutions traditions language and customs
Nationalism increased peoples awareness of being a part of a community with
What is community
Nationalism cause people to fight for
Loyalty to their country and to promote unity
Italy and Germany
What are 2 Countries that will unite due to nationalism
What did the congress of Vienna do
Set up 9 states in Italy (to balance power
The austrians
Some provinces were put under the control of who
Crushed all revolts
What did Austria do in 1948
1848 revolt broke out against who
Austrian and Lombardy and Venetia (venice)
The Crimean war
Russia wanted to expand it's power in the Balkan states
In 1853
When did Russia invade the weakening Ottoman Empire
What was the result of the Crimean war
Ottoman Turks Great Britain and France declared war on Russia
The Crimean war was
Poorly planned and caused many deaths
1856 end of war
Russian seeks peace and the concert of Europe is destroyed
Who did Russia become enemies with
Austria because the country would not help in time of need
Balance of power in Europe was
Who was count canillo do Cavour
Prime minister of the kingdom of Sardinia the Brain of Italian unity
What is piedmont
Part of the kingdom of Sardinia
Who was Piedmont ruled by
Victor Emmanuel ii but run by cavoro
Cavour provokes A war with Austria and wins
Cavour secretly gets Napoleon iii to promise to back Sardinia if it faced war with Austria
What was the result of the war with Austria
Cavour makes Austria give Lombardy to Sardinia and inspire other Italian states to revolt and join them
Giuseppe Mazzini
Lawyer, writer and political activist the "soul" of Italian unity