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Defeat of Napoleon

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russia, rpussia, austria, great britain formed a coalition to free europe from france control. duke of wellington from britain pushed to france through spain, austira prussia and russia attacked from east.
Who lost the invasion of Russia
Congress of Vienna
-peace settlement 1814-1815
100 days
March 20, 1814 Napoleon escapes from Elba at reinstates his rule.
Europe is in a shambles due to Napoleon's conquests.
What is the present state of Europe after Napoleon i s defeated?
What was the first step to restore Europe after Napoleon's defeat?
Prince Klemons von Metternich from Austria hosts the Congress of Vienna (Sept 1,1814 -June 9, 1815)
The Host- Prince Klemons von Metternich from Austria
Who were the key players at the Congress of Vienna?
What was the main objective of the Congress of Vienna?
It's job was to undo everything that Napoleon had done and restore order and stability in Europe. They were to restore France to its old boundaries, so its frontiers were pushed back to 1790 le…
Louis XVI brother, he was the king of France before and after Napoleon's exile.
What was the concert of Europe?
The powerful nations meet periodically to keep peace. Metternich controls European politics for 30 years and a major war is averted until 1914.
Navy- difficult to defeat
able to maintain trade through the Continental system
Conquered people not happy w being ruled.
People were identified with their flag traditions, and values