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measure of how much solute is contained in a given amount of solvent
a solution that is in equilibrium with respect to a given dissolved substance. (maximum amount of solute under normal conditions)
a solution that is not in equilibrium with respect to a given dissolved substance and in which more of the substance can dissolve. (less than maximum amount of solute under normal conditions)
a solution that contains more dissolver substance than a saturated solution does. normally these solutions are forced into being and are unstable (easily crystallized). holds more then maximum amount of solute under normal conditions. UNSTABLE
(of a substance or solution) present in a high proportion relative to other substances; having had water or other diluting agent removed or reduced
a mixture that has a small amount of solute in the solvent; a weak solution
A _______ is a substance that dissolves in a solvent to make a solution.
A _______ is a substance that can dissolve other substances.
A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
percent by mass
ratio of the mass of the element to the overall mass of the chemical
parts per million
expresses very dilute solutions; one part in a million parts
water is the...
salt is the solute
saturated solution
A mixture that contains as much dissolved solute as is possible at a given temperature.
supersaturated solution
A mixture that has more dissolved solute than is predicted by its solubility at a given temperature.
Mass Percentage
(mass{grams} of solute/ mass {grams} of solution) times 100
moles of solute/liters of solution
mass percent
(mass of solute/mass of solution) X 100%
mole fraction
fraction of moles of a component gas in the total moles of a gas mixture (na/nt)=Xa
# of moles of solute / 1000 g of solvent