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aqueous solution
a solution in which water is the solvent
A process by which ionic solids dissolve in water: the positive ends of the water molecules are attracted to the negatively charged anions and the negatively charged ends are attracted to the positively charged cations
are substances that form no ions in water and cant conduct electricity ex;alcohol and sucrose
Precipitation reactions
When two solutions are mixed, an insoluble substance forms and separates from the solution.
spectator ions
appear on both sides of the overall ionic equation
Neutralization reaction
A chemical reaction between an acid and a base
Volumetric Analysis
A technique for determining the amount of a certain substance by doing a titration.
Oxidation Reduction (redox) Reaction
Reactions in which one or more electrons are transferred.
Electrical conductivity
A property of a substance that enables it to conduct an electric current through the flows of an electron
# moles in solute / 1L of solution
5%DW - D5W
10%DW - D10W
0.45%- 1/2NS
Slightly Hypertonic
5% and 0.9%NS- D5NS
Normal Saline
DW, Dextrose in water, NS
5% dextrose _______ rapidly in the blood and in reality produces minimal osmotic effects
Lactate converts to _______ in the liver