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Air Pressure & Barometer

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Why do your ears pop?
in an effort to equalize the pressure inside and outside your body
air pressure changes rapitly
Why do your ears pop part 2
Air exerts pressure....
we barley notice the pressure on our bodys
surface area
an increase in this increases the rate of a heterogeneous reaction
In all directions, including up
What directions does pressure act in?
Where is the pressure highest on a mountin and why?
At the bottom because while you increase the air pressure decreases.
What is wind associated with?
prediction, storm
Increasing wind is a good_______ for an approaching _______
What are areas with no air pressure called?
Are alcohols more soluble in water than aldehydes and ketones?
What kept the water from not spilling out?
The air pressure outside the cup was greater than the air pressure outside the cup, so the outside air pressure was pushing the index card against the tumbler and holding it there
Avarage of a barometer?
If below avrage
Above avrage