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Energy Changes

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Transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.
Thermal Energy
The sum of the potential and kinetic energies arising from the chaotic thermal motion of atoms, ions, and molecules.
is a measure of how high or low a sound is,depending on the frequency of the sound wave
a rapid back and forth movement of an object
A measure of space (lwh)
Transfer of thermal energy by collisions between the particles that make up matter.
a flow of energy due to a temperature difference
? T :: ? collisions :: ? rate of reaction
Kinetic Energy
energy that is in motion.
Potential Energy
energy that is stored.
a form of energy that can be seen as it travels in waves
an object that refracts different wavelengths of light at different angles.
The bouncing of a wave back into the same medium is called _______
occurs when the path of a light wave changes as it moves from one material to another
Types of Kinetic Energy
Parts of a Wave
crest, trough, wavelength, amplitude
Colors of light
Red Green Blue
Difference between convection and conduction?
ConDUCTion is heat by touching directly
Electromagnetic waves transmit this.
Gravitational potential energy
Potential energy that depends on the height of an object relative to some frame of reference
Elastic potential energy
the potential energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed
law of conservation of energy
energy can be converted from one form to another but can be neither created nor destroyed
Energy efficiency
A measure of energy produced compared to energy consumed.
Energy transfer
Movement of energy from one place or object to another.
Heat energy
A form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature
Physical changes for Exothermic reaction?
heat energy Given out to the surrounding
Physical changes for Endothermic reaction?
heat energy Absorbed from the surrounding
Chemical changes for Exothermic reaction?
Chemical bonds are formed, heat energy given out
Chemical changes for Endothermic reaction?
Chemical bonds are Broken, heat energy absorbed