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Theoretical Yield, Actual Yield, Percent Yield

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What does theoretical yield assume?
That every single last reactant molecule will react to form a product
theoretical yield
the amount of product of interest that will be yielded in a chemical reaction as calculated using stoichiometry
What is actual yield?
How much product we actually get in our reaction
Because there are errors
Why is actual yield always less than theoretical yield?
Certain conditions
What needs to be met for a reaction to take place?
What are the three conditions that need to take place for a reaction to happen?
Molecules must collide, they must collide with enough energy to break bonds, and they must collide with correct orientation (need to be facing the right way)
No product
What happens if not all three conditions are met?
What is the percent yield?
Just like any other percent we have ever done
In the analogy identify the theoretical yield, actual yield, and percent yield. The test was marked out of 135 pts. You scored 83 pts. Your percentage was 61%.
Theoretical- 19.08 g FeCl3
If 6.57 g of iron are reacted with an excess of hydrochloric acid, HCl, then hydrogen gas and 17.63 g of iron (III) chloride are obtained. Calculate the theoretical yield and percent yield of FeCl3.