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Kinetic Molecular Theory

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Ability of gases to mix
A process by which gas particles pass through a tiny opening
elastic collision
a collision between ideally elastic bodies in which the final and initial kinetic energies are the same
ideal gas
a gas in which the particles undergo elastic collisions (when particles collide, there is no loss in the speed of the particles)
kinetic-molecular theory
The model that accounts for macroscopic gas behavior at the level of the particles (atoms or molecules) is known as the...?
real gas
a gas that does not behave completely according to the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory
atmosphere of pressure
the pressure of Earth's atmosphere at sea level; exactly equivalent to 760 mm Hg, 1 atm, 101.3 kPa
a device that measures atmospheric pressure
millimeter of mercury
A unit of pressure; it is the pressure needed to support a column of mercury one millimeter high (mm Hg)
A unit used to measure force
Force per unit area; expressed in many units, such as mm Hg, atm, lb/in.², torr, and pascal.
standard temperature
the conditions under which the volume of a gas is usually measured; standard temperature is 0 degrees C, and standard pressure is 101.3 kPA, or atmosphere(atm)
Boyle's Law
Dalton's Law of partial pressure
states that the pressures of the individual gases in any mixture add up to the total pressure of the gas mixture.
Gas Laws
shows the relationship among variables used to represent a gas (P, T, n, V)
partial pressure
pressure that the gas would exert if it were along in the container
0.0821 L*atm/mol*k
Ideal gas constant
change from a liquid to a solid
change from a solid to a liquid
change from a gas to a liquid
change from a liquid to a gas
Change from a gas directly to a solid
change of state
A physical change of a substance from one state to another