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History of the Periodic Table

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early 1800s
Many new elements discovered
Elements organized into groups of three at this time
This guy grouped elements into groups of 3
a group of 3 is known as a _______.
Li, Na, K
Element group that acts alike when placed in water
Cl, Br, I
Element group that acts like an antiseptic
Cu, Ag, Au
Element group that is known as the coinage metals
Mg, Ca, Sr
Element group that is found in bones
Antoine Lavoisier
He made the 1st list of elements
gases, metals, earths, nonmetals
the 4 categories in the very first periodic table
John Newlands
Proposed the Law of Octaves
Law of Octaves
states that properties in elements repeat every 8th element, when they are placed in order of mass #
created periodic table which predicted properties of undiscovered elements, based on their mass # from trends in known elements
Arranged elements in order of atomic #, not mass. Stated periodic law
periodic law
physical and chemical properties of the elements are a periodic function of their atomic numbers (number of protons in the nucleus); -elements with similar properties occur at regular and predictable intervals (medeleev)
Law of Octaves proposed at this time
Mendeleev's periodic table at this time
Jerk who figured out the same stuff as Mendeleev did, but didn't speak up until after the controversy