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Optically Active & Enantiomeric Excess

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plane polarized light
ray of beams oscillate in a single plane which passes through a polarizer
plane of polarization
certain organic molecules can rotate on plane polarized light
when polarized light passes through achiral molecules
the plane of polarization is unchanged (optically inactive)
when polarized light passes through chiral molecules
light emerges with its plane of polarization clockwise or counterclockwise (optically active)
if one enantiomer rotates clockwise, its mirror image will rotate _______
dextrorotary (+)
optically active compound rotates clockwise it is
levorotatory (-)
optically active compound rotates counterclockwise it is
if 1 enantiomer has a specific rotation of +5 then the other enantiomer must be __
racemic mixture (2)
- a mixture of equal amounts of 2 enantiomers.
what is the specific rotation of a racemic mixture?
enantiomerically pure
only 1 enantiomer is present
if an enantiomerically pure substance has a +23 observed specific rotation, its specific rotation will be __
Enatiomeric Excess
tells us how much of an excess of 1 enantiomer is in the mixture
EE formula
observed specific rotation/specific rotation of the pure enantiomer x 100