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Stereochemistry: Diastereomers

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compounds that have same formula but different structures
constitutional isomers
compounds that have the same molecular formula and different connectivity
two or more chiral centers
bond rotation
alkanes or rings
Geometric (Cis or Trans)
Achiral compound
the mirror image is identical
Chiral Compound
mirror image is different
Chiral carbon
A carbon with 4 different groups.
If the flipped like a pancake
There is no relationship between (R)/(S) and
most reactions that start Achiral material
give a racemic mixture if chiral center is formed
Racemic mixture:
Is 50/50 mix of (R) and (S)
2 to nth
A compound has n # of chiral center they will have how many stereoisomers
an the other will_______
switch, stay the same
Meso compound
achiral compound that contains more than one chiral center---> internal plane of symmetry
Optically active
Affects light
A substrate with a single chirality center at the carbon attached to the leaving group will give rise to a pair of _______