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Conformations of Acyclic Alkanes- Ethane

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systematic study of the three dimensional arrangement of atoms in molecules
Rotation occurs around
carbon-carbon s bonds
different arrangement of atoms that result from bond rotations
Eclipsed Conformation
All bonds are exactly lined up
Staggered Conformation
All bonds are distributed to be as far apart as possible
eclipsed conformation into a staggered conformation and vice versa
Rotating the atoms on one carbon by 60° converts an
Looking directly down a carbon carbon bond
dihedral angle
60 degrees when staggered, 0 degrees when eclipsed
Newman projection
A graphic that shows the three groups bonded to each carbon atom in s particular C-C bond as well as the dihedral angle that separates them
more stable (lower in energy)
Staggered conformations are _______ than eclipsed conformations
torsional strain
Decreased stability of a molecule associated with eclipsed bonds
4.0 kJ/mol (1.0 kcal/mol)
Each eclipsed C-H bond results in an increase in energy of
Anti periplanar has what confirmation?
An energy max and min occur every __ as the conformation changes from _______ to _______
Intermediate in energy
Conformations that are neither staggered or eclipsed are...
Steric strain
An increase in energy resulting when atoms are forced too close to one another
Electron affinity tends to become from left to right across a row of the periodic table
_______ conformations are at energy maxima