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Accuracy vs Precision

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A description of how close a measurement is to the true value of the quantity measured.
closeness to a set of measurements of the same quantity madeht same way
Scientists use specific type called SI
Measurment of Speed
Measured by lenght and time
A measure of space (lwh)
amount of mass per units volume
helps discover a pattern on data
circle graph
used to compare two things to each other also known as a pie graph
Line Graph
Most offten used graph. points represent the combining of two variables
How do we measure accuracy?
by using percent error calculations
absolute error
What do you have to know first when calculating percent error?
Percent error formula
(absolute error/accepted value) x 100
the things you use to balance a scale
concave liquid surface that forms in a test tube/graduated cylinder
3 places
number of places behind decimal for balance
2 places
number of places behind decimal for ruler
1 place
number of places behind decimal for 100 mL graduated cylinder