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Rate Expression & Reaction Mechanism

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overall reaction
The sum of the elementary reactions must add up to the .....
the slowest step
rate determining step
What is molecularity?
The number of molecules or atoms involved as reactants in the elementary reaction.
What is an unimolecular process?
A single molecule is involved in the elementary step
What is the definition of a reaction intermediate?
The reaction intermediate is formed in one step and consumed in another. The intermediate will not occur in the rate law.
What is an elementary process?
An individual step in a reaction mechanism
Can a catalyst occur in the rate law?
Yes, a catalyst often acts on the slowest step
Not correct
Correct? The greater the k, the faster the reaction, the higher the Ea
v=k [A]2
dm3 mol-1 s-1
The catalyst is not used up.
What is the difference between a regular reactant and a catalyst?
How can we find the rate law of an overall reaction?
Measure the reaction rate in function of one reactant at the time while keeping everything else constant, so the order with respect to that concentration can be defined, then repeat the experiment for the other concentrations.
Why are termolecular reactions so rare?
It is very unlikely that three particles would collide simultaneously with each other in the correct orientation