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Rate Law Determination for the Crystal Violet Reac

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CV^(+)aq+OH^(-)aq-> CVOH(aq)
crystal violet reaction
CV^(+) is _______
OH^(-) is _______
crystal violet cation
carbinol base
thermal conductivity
1000 x larger than the concentration of CV^(+)
in crystal violet reaction the concentration of OH^(-) is more than _______
why doest the [OH-] concentration change during the reaction
the concentration of OH is 1000 x the concentration of CV^(+) so the [OH-] will not change majorily during the reaction
since OH concentration is so large simpler rate law
in psuedo rate law what is k'
k' is the pseudo rate constant which is the product of the overall rate constant k[OH^-]^y
_______ is the only species that absorbs visible light
purple color; CV^+
as the rxn proceeds the _______ will fad as the [] of _______ decreases
beer's Law
A is proportional to concentration
measured absorbance of the solution
what is A in beer's law
molar absorptivity
constant of proportionality between A and bc, a measure of the probability of an electronic transitiion
backwards 3
a measure of how strongly the chemical species absorbs light
path length
what is b in beers law
what is c in beer's law
the concentration of the absorbing species
absorbance is proportional to _______ since _______ is constant
concentration; in equation A=Ebc Eb are constant in this experiment
the rxn is zero order in CV+
a linear plot of [CV+] vs t indicates
the rxn is first order
a linear plot of ln[CV+] vs t indicates a
the rxn is second order
a linear plot of 1/[CV+] vs t indicates
[CV+] vs t
a linear plot of _______ indicates the rxn is zero order in CV+
ln[CV+] vs t
a linear plot of _______ indicates the rxn is first order in CV+
1/[CV+] vs t
a linear plot of _______ indicates the rxn is second order in CV+
rate law zero order
rate law first order
rate law second order
integrated rate law zero order
integrated rate law first order
integrated rate law second order
zero order graph what is on either axis
[CV+] is plotted on y-axis; time is plotted on the x-axis
zero order slop is _______
[CV+]; reaction order
absorbance is plotted in place of _______ to determine _______
half life of zero order
half life of first order
half life of second order