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Reaction Rates

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elementary step
is the step where one bond breaks or one bond forms
all local minimumms
collision theory
for a set of reactions to occur, molecules must collide
Reaction Mechanism
a SEQUENCE of single reaction steps that sum to the overall equation
Actication E (E\a)
the minumum amount of E
Activated complex (transition state)
the highest point on the rxn xoordinate
Thermodynamic stability
the reactant has little E\p (ex: H2O; metal oxides)
Kinetic stability
the reactant does not react due to large E\q (ex: sugar)
Surface area of solids
? SA :: ? collisions :: ? rate of reaction
Concentration of solids`
? [reactants] :: ? collisions :: ? rate of reaction
? T :: ? collisions :: ? rate of reaction
a substance that increase reaction rate w/o being permanently used up or changed. it lowers the activation energy needed for the reaction so more molecules have the necessary energy for a reaction
Homogenous Catalyst
A catalyst that is in phase with the reactants, such as using a gaseous catalyst and reacting it with gaseous reactants.
heterogeneous catalyst
a catalyst that is in a different phase
rate law
an equation that relates reaction rate and concentration at a certain temperature