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Matter & Problem Solving Basics

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States of matter
Solid, Liquid and Gas
Physical Properties
Almost totally insoluble in water due to low polarity and lack of hydrogen bonding.
Chemical Properties
Characteristics that describe how matter acts during chemical reactions.
A mixture in which all the individual substances are evenly mixed throughout.
A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
A _______ is a substance that dissolves in a solvent to make a solution.
A _______ is a substance that can dissolve other substances.
A mixture in which one or more substances are unevenly mixed.
2 Hydrogen atoms bonded together is a _______
2 or more atoms of same or different kinds that are chemically combined.
Significant Digit
The digits on either side of the decimal point that seem reasonably certain to have been measured (not zeros that are place holders).
scientific notation
_______ is used to represent a very large or very small number as a power of 10
Factor-Label Process
A chemistry problem solving tool that includes identifying what you have, what you need, and conversion factors in order to express an answer in a desired unit.