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Fundamentals of Acids & Bases

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Acidity and Electronegativity
larger electroneg difference
Acidity and Bond Strength
As bond strength goes up, acidity goes down.
Acidity and Size
Becomes more acidic as it gets bigger
Acidity and Charge
Positive Charge: Acidic
Acidity and Oxidation States
As the ox # on the central atom goes up, acidity goes up.
Strong acid
An acid that donates its H+ ions to water in a reaction that goes completely to products
Weak Base
_______ react with water to form the hydroxide ion and the conjugate acid of the base.
Strong Base
_______ dissociate completely into metal ions and hydroxide ion in aqueous solutions.
Basic if there is a basic anion and a group 1 or 2 metal cation
Acid Strength and Atomic #
Increasing atomic number is increasing acid strength
O Atoms
The more O atoms, the stronger the acidity
H-X Bonds
Greater polarity of X, the weaker the acid