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Introduction to Acids & Bases

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A compound containing Hydrogen which it will donate in a reaction.
A cleaning product is usually a ACID/BASE?
Another word for a Base. The opposite of an acid
a chemical reaction between an acid and a base that takes place in a water solution
A compound that changes color in the presence of an acid or a base.
Universal Indicator
Solution which can show if an acid or base is present
Indicator paper
Paper with Universal indicator mixed into it. Used to detect acids or bases.
pH scale
0 to 14, 7 is neutral
Neutral - not acid or base
Acid solution
Basic solution
A solution with a significant concentration of hydroxide ions
A indicator - solution which changes to red when it is added to an acid and blue in Alkali
Methyl Orange
An indicator which turns Red in Acid
An indicator which turns purple in a alkali
Mineral Acid
Strong acid - non-organic(has no carbon atoms in the moleule)
Organic Acid
Weak acid - organic(has carbon atoms in the molecule)
Acidic solutions
contains more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions
Arrhenius model
Acid- A substance that release hydrogen ion in a aqueous solution
act as both acid and base
General Properties of Acids (5)
Change colour of some indicators
Turn litmus blue
General Properties of Bases (5)
Safety Precautions (4)
Wear safety goggles
Acid + Reactive Metal -> ?
Acid + Reactive Metal -> Salt + Hydrogen
Acid + Metal Hydroxide -> ?
Acid + Metal Hydroxide -> Salt + Water
Acid + Metal Oxide -> ?
Acid + Metal Oxide -> Salt + Water
Acid + Metal Carbonate -> ?
Acid + Metal Carbonate -> Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide
Acid + Metal Hydrogen Carbonate -> ?
Acid + Metal Hydrogen Carbonate -> Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide
Acidic Oxide (non-metal oxide) + base -> ?
Acidic Oxide (non-metal oxide) + base -> Salt + Water