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Acids, Bases & Salts

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Less than 7.
What is the pH number of an acid?
How do acids taste?
What type of litmus paper is used to determine if the substance is an acid?
H+ or cations.
What do acids release in water?
Hydrogen is released.
What happens when an acid and a metal combine?
Yes and yes.
Are acids caustic? Corrosive?
Yes. They are electrolytes.
Are acids a good conductor of electricity?
Makes a salt and water.
What happens when an acid and a base combine?
A: Malic: Apple
Know the following acids and a use for each.
They taste bitter. They feel slippery.
How do bases taste? How do they feel to touch?
What type of litmus paper is used to determine if the substance is a base?
Greater than 7.
What is the pH of a base?
OH- or anions.
What do bases release in water?
Dissolves fats and oils.
Why are bases used in cleaners?
What is another name used for a base?
A: Sodium hydroxide: Drain cleaners
Know the following bases and a use for each.
Neutralize acids found in perspiration.
Explain why bases are used in antiperspirants?
Salts are classified as _______ compounds.
A: Crystalline solids
Give physical properties of salts.
How do salts taste?
Sour, bitter, sweet, savory, metallic, salty, or tasteless.
What does the expression "Not worth his salt" mean?
A: Sodium chloride: Seasoning foods
Know the following salts and a use for each.
The kidneys.
What organ in the human body controls salt?
Less than 1,500 mg.
What is the recommended daily amount of salt for an adult?
What is acid rain?
Rain that has a pH less than 5.6.
Asthma, bronchitis, and heart and lung problems.
Give 3 health issues associated with acid rain.
China, Russia, India, and the U.S.
What countries have the worst acid rain?
Azalea and Heather grow well for acidic soil.
Name one plant that grows well in acidic soil? Alkaline soil?
Wet cell battery
Type of battery that uses an acid to produce current
Dry cell battery
Type of battery that uses a base to produce current
What is the difference between a suspension and an emulsion?
In a liquid suspension, heavier particles settle to the bottom. ie: orange juice, sandy water.
What does it mean to dissolve? Give an example
When something dissolves, it breaks down into smaller particles when mixed in a liquid. ie: sugar dissolves in water.
What is concentration? Give an example.
Concentration is the quantity of a solute in a solvent. It is how much of a substance is mixed in another substance. For example, 1 cup of sugar in a glass of water h…
What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated?
If a mixture is saturated, it cannot hold any more solute. If it is unsaturated, it can still hold more solute.
What is pH? Why is it important?
pH is the measurement of how acidic or basic a substance is. pH goes from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very basic). pH is important because our bodies need to stay a neutral pH of about 7.
What is the difference between an acid and a base? Give examples.
Acids are substance that give off hydrogen ions to form hydronium (H30) ions when dissolved in water. Vinegar, lemon juice, and battery acid are examples of acids.