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Areas of Triangles & Regular Polygons Circumferenc

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(1/4)radical3 times length of side squared
area of an equilateral triangle (formula) if you know only the side length
6, 60
Number and measure of central angles in a regular hexagon
If the apothem of a regular triangle is 6, and the base is 4, what is the area of the triangle?
A regular polygon has area 40 and apothem 8. What is its perimeter?
A square has apothem 3. What is its area?
What is the area of a regular polygon with apothem 6 and perimeter 12?
16pi (50.27)
What is the area of a circle with diameter 8?
3pi (9.42)
if a central angle is 120 degrees, and the radius is 3, what is the area of the sector defined by the intersection of the angle and the circle?
7.2pi (22.62)
SORRY- it doesn't let me show pictures- what is the area of the two smallest sectors made when two 12 cm diameters intersect to make two 36 degree central angles?
4 times greater
If the radius of circle A is twice that of circle B, how many times greater is the area of circle A than circle B?
The perpendicular distance from the center to a side of a regular polygon.
in a plane, the set of all points equidistant from a given point
(1/2)apothem times perimeter
formula for the area of a regular polygon
what is the formula for the arc length corollary?
arc length of AB = (mAB/360) times 2pi times radius
formula for circumference of a circle
diameter times pi OR 2pi times radius
arc length
a fraction of the circumference
(mAB/360) times pi times radius squared
formula for the area of a sector
pi times radius squared
Area of a circle (formula)
228.67pi (718.38)
A circle has a radius of 28 cm, and an arc AB that is made from a central angle of 105 degrees. Find the area of the sector made.
96 radical3
A regular hexagon has a side of 8 feet. What is its area (in reduced radical form)?