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Perimeter & Area

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The distance around a geometric figure.
the surface; Length x Width
Area units
is always measured in square meters, square inches, and square.
Polygon Perimeter
equals the sum of all of the sides of the polygon.
Area Rectangle
A = B x H or A = L x W
Area triangle
A = 1/2 B x H
Area Trapezoid
A = 1/2 H( B1 + B2)
Formula for Perimeter
2(l+w) or 4S
Formula for Area
LxW or SxS
measures the amount of space taken up by the object.
Formula for Volume
LxWxH or SxSxS
Multiply 5x5, and then divide the product (25) in to 250.
If V=250 and the length and width are both 5, how could you find the height?